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Welcome to Jesse Kay Children's Hospital

Jesse Key Hospital was established with the aim of providing healthcare services to the community and more so to children.   We aim at providing timely and efficient medical services both in and out patient on a wide range of services. Among them, general and specialized treatments, Clinics  and Consultations

Pharmacy Services

For all your prescription needs, our easily accessible pharmacy is fully stocked with both over the counter drugs and prescription based drugs

Doctors Consultation

Enjoy world class health services from our qualified medical doctors, physicians and specialists at Jesse Kay Children Hospital

Specilized Clinics

We offer various Specialty Consultations Clinics. These are offered by friendly, trained and experienced doctors and nurses.

Laboratory Services

Our Laboratory use state-of-the-art equipment and perform daily quality control testing to ensure accuracy. We perform both routine and special request tests

Radiology Services

Our board-certified radiographers and radiologists provide advanced diagnostic imaging services which help your physician to make the best medical diagnosis

Inpatient & Outpatient

We offer both impatient and outpatient for both pediatrics and adults. Our doctors are on ready offer you world health services. Visit us today and enjoy good health

Know Who We Are

Our Short Story

Welcome to Jesse Kay Children’s Hospital. We aim at providing timely and efficient medical services both in and out patient on a wide range of services among them general and specialized treatments and consultations

We offer high-quality health care services to patients with high professional approach with ultimate aim of helping the patient to enjoy good health. Since we launched, we have made strides in improving and contributing to great health for all the people within our area of reach.

Offering World Class Health Care Services

We are your number 1 health care facility in Nairobi with world class health care service at an affordable rates

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When is the right time to start ante-natal clinics?

When is the right time to start ante-natal clinics?

Dear Doctor, I am pregnant for the first time and I am so excited. I have received conflicting advice about when to start attending ante-natal

Gestational Diabetes and its Management

Gestational Diabetes and its Management

As always, I hope this finds you well. I want us to understand  more about issues affecting women and diabetes, one major one being Gestational

Disease Diagnosis

Disease Diagnosis

Infectious diseases are caused by micro-organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Doctors suspect an infection based on the person’s symptoms, physical examination results, and risk factors. First, doctors confirm